Which Video Product Will Help My Business?

With the increasing popularity of online videos as marketing tools, companies should always come up with creative and interesting videos to keep their target audience glued. Variety would definitely help. Here are some types of videos that companies can use in promoting their products and services to complement their search engine optimization efforts and to increase sales:

Introduction Videos

Introduction videos are used to introduce businesses, services or products to viewers. These are usually done by showing footages of staff or employee interviews, products or services offered, and business or office locations.

Introduction videos are utilized by newly-established companies to increase market awareness. These are also ideal for businesses that are launching new products or services. Prior to the launch, teaser videos can be used to create anticipation and stir curiosity. Introduction videos may also be used to promote special offers or discounts. They may also be used to showcase updated features or benefits of a company’s existing products or services.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are footages taken of a company’s clients who share their experience when they used a company’s product or service and how it benefitted them. These videos are used to highlight the good points of a brand. At the end of the video, clients usually make a call to action, i.e., encourage viewers to avail of the company’s products or services.

Testimonial videos are used to establish a company’s reputation and credibility. Positive testimonials would definitely help gain the trust of potential customers. However, a company should endeavor to post transparent reviews so as not to create the impression that the testimonials are biased.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are instructional and educational videos which highlight how a product works or how it is used. These are utilized to show how a product should be assembled or installed. These videos are also helpful in presenting basic troubleshooting of certain products. One can look at these videos as the modern day counterparts of instructional manuals that accompany appliances or gadgets.

How-to videos should be simple and easy to understand to make them truly helpful to viewers. Companies should also try to come up with as many relevant how-to videos as possible so that they can establish themselves as experts in their industries and thereby command respect of Internet users.

Before and After Videos

Before and after videos are used to compare the status of a person or thing prior to using the product or service advertised and the subsequent result after using said product or service. The before part shows the person or thing in a poor or unflattering state. Vast improvements are noticed and observed in the after part of the videos to emphasize that a positive result can be expected when one uses the advertised product or service and thereby encourage others to avail of the same.

Before and after videos are commonly utilized by contractors, repair companies, doctors especially plastic surgeons, and tattoo artists, among others.

These different types of videos will surely help in boosting a company’s credibility, and eventually its ranking in search engines that would bring in the desired sales and profits. A company just needs to find the type that would best suit its objectives.