The Magic of Business Introduction Videos

Creating a website for a business may be easy these days especially with technically capable staff and advanced software. However, making a website that stands out from the billions of existing ones in the internet maybe a little harder to accomplish. One of the most effective marketing strategies to generate more visitors in websites is by incorporating a business introduction video that offers more benefits than you can image.

Length of Stay

While traffic is of course anyone’s dream, having a visitor stay for a longer period in your website is rather a more important means to measure the impact of your content. With an introduction video that accompanies a welcome page message, viewers are more inclined to clicking that “play” button to see what the company is all about. It is not new to everyone that people tend to prefer watching than reading long documents or text-filled web pages. Videos are highly dynamic and engrossing especially if created with enough spunk, creativity and appeal. By embedding an engaging introduction video on the front page, visitors are more likely to click on the other pages since their interest has already been piqued. Not only are videos good to introduce a company, it could also be used for product tutorials, tips and to plug other marketing stints such as discounts and promos.

Generation of Revenue

With visitors deciding to stay longer to get to know your company, there is a bigger chance that your products will be more known to the public and reach a wider market of consumers.  The positive effect of a video is that the viewers feel that you are directly talking to them. This personal appeal is advantageous to your company since they feel that your service is really reaching out to their lives. This way you are able to motivate them more effectively in purchasing your product or service. It is then important to become convincing enough without appearing pushy or money-driven in your introduction videos.

Increase in Traffic

A highly effective introduction video could deliver more positive results when done with the right SEO techniques. Search engine optimization is a popular marketing strategy to appear in the front pages of search engines. A video that is filled with the targeted keywords could be found in the first page of Google and direct viewers to your company’s website in seconds. More people will also likely click on your video than read other text-based sites that also rank high on these search engines.

These videos can also be a powerful means to communicate with your target audience and other potential customers by uploading them in popular video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo. These videos could have a link that directs them to your website to let them know your company even better. Better visibility of your website is also possible by sharing these videos in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook which are widely popular around the world. The highly interactive game that you need to play would be easy if you create an introduction video that captivates the right audience and leaves a lasting impact for consumers.